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Medium YOU
Medium YOU
Medium YOU
Medium YOU
Medium YOU
Medium YOU
Medium YOU
Medium YOU
Medium YOU
✅ 2 year waranty
✅ Full service in Benelux
🤩 Eyecatcher
⭐ +100 satisfied customers
❤️ Probably the first fridge you'll love

Medium YOU

Upload the picture of your favourite holiday, wedding, kids or pet in the box below. Then, choose the fridge model that fits your kitchen.

We will provide you a render of your fridge as soon as possible. After you have approved the design we will create the Cooler® that will make your kitchen be-you-tiful!

Time to get creative! Maybe you want your wedding or family pictures to be the eye catcher? That one amazing place you went to during your holiday? That would be awesome! There are no limits to your imagination!

Choose your fridge size and provide us your own picture. We will then send you a nice preview on how the design of your choice will turn out. And be assured, it will be super cool. Fun indeed.

After your approval we will create your Cooler YOU!


Free standard shipping!

All our fridges are custom made. We want to create the most beautiful fridge for you and we do this with a lot of care. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for production and shipping.

For more information visit our FAQ page.

What is a Cooler®?

Cooler® is probably the first fridge that makes you smile. It is a custome wrapped fridge that will be the eyecatcher in your kitchen. Upload your own design or chose one of our originals.


Hungry? We got you covered!

It's huge! 4 shelves of fresh food heaven, 1 large drawer for fruit & vegies and 3 drawers for frozen hapiness.

Light up my world

Never be afraid in the dark with this champ! Light up your fridge like it's made in heaven (heaven sound not included). 

Ice Ice Baby

Freeze your food like an apocalypse is coming. 3 large drawers for Pizzas, ice cream, bread, soup, spaghetti sauce, ... You name it, we freeze it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum resolution of images we need for your Cooler® YOU?

Personalizing your own fridge is maybe the Coolest thing you can do! Make sure that your personal image has a minimum resolution of 150 dpi for a sharp and beautiful result. 

Are the prints sunproof?

Yes they are! You will not see a change in colors over time. 

What if there's something wrong with my Cooler®?

If, in a very unlikely event, there is an issue with your fridge, we are more than happy to help you out. Through our support form, you will get in contact with our Make you smile team and they will arrange a repair ASAP.

24/7 support
2 year warranty
Service @ home

How do we make your unique fridge?

The moment you send us your design we start working on it to make it fit perfectly on your chosen fridge.

When ready and double checked by you, we will start printing your unique design and wrap the print around your chosen fridge. Pimp it with our Cooler® touches and ready it is.

Where do you ship and at what cost?


We offer free standard shipping on all orders. All our fridges are custom made. We want to create the most beautiful fridge for you and we do this with a lot of care. Please allow 10 working days for production and shipping. 

What if my print comes off? 

In the unlikely event that a print gets loose and comes off within the first 30 days, we will consider this as a production error.

Don't hesitate to contact us and we will send someone to replace the print as soon as possible!

How long does it take to ship my Cooler®? 

Your Cooler® is a piece of art, and real art is not made in one day! We want to deliver impeccable fridges and therefore creating your beautiful Cooler® usually takes up to 10 working days.

How do I clean my Cooler®? 

You can clean Cooler® fridges just like regular fridges. Just use a standard cleaning agent that you would use to clean other kitchen appliances.

The use of an abrasive sponge is not recommended as it will damage the surface of your Cooler®.

Can I return or cancel my ordered Cooler® if I'm not happy with it?

All goods are manufactured according to the customer's specifications. The goods are therefore personal in nature and cannot be taken back.

As a result, cancellation of an order is not possible.

In the case of a technical issue we are more than happy to help you out through our support form.

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