Activate your potential buyers at the right time.



Activate your potential buyers at the right time.

Cooler® Fridge Leasing Service

Cooler® fridges: The perfect bill board for your brand.

Showcase your beautiful brand to the world. Create awareness of your brand at sponsored events and festivals, or simply make your office stand out with a beautiful fridge.

There are endless possibilities in designing your fridges. Contact us en get your non-binding offer.

At a fixed monthly rate. No Surprises.

Financial flexibility
Cooler® keeps your working capital free for your business core operations.

The Fridge Leasing Service allows you to upgrade, downgrade or cancel and return a fridge at any time, at a fixed monthly rate.

Maintenance & Risk cover included
Maintenance and repair of your fridges is taken care of, without surprises.

Delivery & Setup
Delivery and setup of your fridges are included.

Get in touch with us for your non-binding detailed offer.

Cooler® Fridge Leasing Service

Discover success stories.

Cooler® made us a very cool fridge that stands out during marketing events at our office.

Everyone asks about it and the fridge gives our office that extra edge!


Max C.

GrowForce Marketing Agency

Do not hesitate to contact us and discover our Leasing Service.

We put your brand on your fridge to make sure your brand is seen!


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A minimum Cooler® subscription is 12 months. For professional projects looking for shorter leasing periods, contact us at

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